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In his book "the flemish soul to Bergues St Winoc", J de dezitter writes this : "Flemish houses of the end of the century XVI are sometimes called Spannjaard or spaniards because they date of the spanish domination.

Spaniards have not exercised none artistic influence on the Flanders. There was not even ever of spanish domination to the modern sense of the word because the Flanders preserved always his language, his customs and his clean administration.

The façade, to the gothic sight, is remarkable by the exclusive utilization of bricks of which poses in stretcher alternate with poses in header. She presents an high roofing of which attics are anchorred to walls by means of tall irons fittings ornamental figures formant indicating the building date : 1597.

A bill of sale, dating of 25 years Frimaires 12 and preserved to municipal archives, learns us that the cabaret house of the Bridge St Jean was the proprietorship of the golden Saltire between 1664 and 1837.